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Surveying large, remote areas manually is time-consuming and time-sensitive, with key items sometimes overlooked due to human error.

With SkyFish, you can utilize powerful aerial mapping and NASA terrain data, blended with optical and thermal cameras to efficiently scan grids covering a pre-defined location.



SkyFish can easily be set up to run like-for-like repeatable flights over a specific area, scanning the ground at whatever mix of precision angles you need. Plus with GPS-denied capabilities and 100% domestic software and cloud storage, the security of your data is assured.


Law Enforcement

When a situation is too dangerous to risk human intervention, SkyFish can take over and run precision reconnaissance flights to assess or even contain the situation so you can determine strategies for next steps.


Search & Rescue

Search and rescue missions can be highly dangerous to perform on rough terrain. They also often have to stand down overnight, putting the missing person(s) at considerable risk. With radar, LiDAR and thermal imaging, SkyFish can be deployed over any terrain at any time of the day or night, potentially reducing intensive human involvement and completing the mission more efficiently.

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